• In a new interview, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that the Capitol insurrectionists would have had a fight on their hands if they had run into her. Calling herself "a street fighter," Pelosi says, "I'm tough," and pointing to her four-inch stilettos as possible weapons, she says, "I would have had these." [USA Today]
  • New data finds that in one census tract in the Bayview, 18% of residents had COVID-19 in the last year, which is 10 times the rate of the rest of the city. [Chronicle]
  • Today's the day everyone 16 and over can get a vaccine shot in California — but it's going to take a lot of refreshing on MyTurn, or getting up early to check the CVS website, to snag an appointment. [KTVU]
  • Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli appeared publicly at a bizarre virtual town council meeting on Wednesday night, and cast a "no" vote on a ceremonial resolution on whether he should resign over sexual assault allegations. [KTVU]
  • A 36-year-old man was arrested in connection with a Saturday bank robbery at knifepoint in Berkeley. (Knifepoint??) [CBS SF]
  • A trio of dine-and-dashers who were seen on some widely publicized video victimizing K Elements restaurant on Clement Street apparently returned with an apology note and cash to cover their bill. [CBS SF]
  • Stanford has begun a trial of the Pfizer vaccine in children under the age of 5. [NBC Bay Area]
  • House and Senate Democrats are introducing a bill today to expand the Supreme Court from 9 seats to 13 — expect to hear the term "court packing" on Fox News for months. [ABC 7]

Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images