• Rain moves into the Bay Area this evening, as predicted, with light to moderate showers beginning in some spots around 5 p.m. The rain will continue overnight and be gone by Saturday morning, but a set of storms coming through between Sunday and Wednesday could bring over an inch of rain, or 50% of the average for the month of March. [ABC7]
  • Health guidance for the vaccinated is bound to shift over the coming months, but the main thing is: You may still be able to spread the coronavirus, and vaccine-resistant variants spreading around California is the next worst-nightmare scenario. [Chronicle]
  • A two-alarm fire near downtown San Jose this morning, on the 300 block of W. St. John Street and next to the Guadalupe Freeway, was causing some traffic delays. [CBS SF]
  • A 28-year-old Felton woman has been released on bail after an alleged DUI and a vehicular manslaughter charge stemming from a crash last weekend on Highway 1 south of Half Moon Bay that killed a man and injured his wife. [Bay City News]
  • The tsunami threat never materialized for Hawaii or Mexico following the 8.1M earthquake between Tonga and New Zealand. [Weather Channel]
  • The Mission Community Market returns from its winter hiatus next Thursday, March 11, at 22nd and Bartlett streets, starting at 3 p.m. [SF Weekly]
  • Kyle Johnston, who survived an avalanche in Tahoe on February 12, talks about the experience and how his cousin saved his life. [CBS Sacramento]
  • Debate on the stimulus package was delayed in the Senate through a procedural move by Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who registered an objection to skipping a reading and then requiring the Senate clerks to spend many hours reading the 628-page bill aloud — because he's an asshole. [New York Times]

Photo: Sundry Photography/Getty Images