After Trump’s personal Twitter account was "permanently" suspended Friday, conservatives across social media were up in arms — posting their usual formation of oddly capitalized reactions. In the wake of that aftermath, SF police are planning for a possible pro-Trump demonstration at Twitter headquarters on Monday.

Friday's watershed moment on Twitter was a balm and relief for many; for others, it was a source of unhinged rage and fury. And after Wednesday’s violent riot at the Capitol building, San Francisco police are now preparing for what could become a volatile situation outside Twitter's downtown headquarters after the department became aware of a possible protest happening tomorrow at the 1300 block of Market Street.

According to the Chronicle, police have said they are "in contact with representatives from the tech company" and are planning to have enough resources available to appropriately address the demonstration, should it become a safety risk.

Calls for the demonstration began on, one of the more far-right internet forums that was created after Reddit banned the r/The_Donald subreddit on Friday; Discord has also now banned the like-named pro-Trump server on its platform.

San Francisco is no stranger to displays protesting the social media company's policies that have quelled many pro-Trump, conspiracy-spewing accounts and postings. October's "Free Speech Rally" at the UN Plaza saw one of the rally's organizer Philip Anderson lose a few teeth during the event — which was allegedly attended by a few members of the Proud Boys.

“While we respect people’s right to express their views, we've been transparent about the factors leading up to our decision last week,” a Twitter spokesperson said in an email to the newspaper. “We have nothing to add but wanted to confirm that we continue to have mandatory work from home guidance for Twitter employees.”

Per policy, SFPD does not make any specific policing plans available to the public.

Many of the businesses shouldering Twitter's headquarters have expressed to the Chronicle they intend to keep their regular hours — and those that have remained closed and boarded up intend to stay that way.

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