It has been, for at least five years, a dicey and economically perilous thing to be an out-and-proud Trump supporter in much of the Bay Area. Strangely it seems to have worked out OK so far for one anti-masker yoga studio owner in Pacifica, but in the case of a Menlo Park candy shop owner, the jury is still out.

Suzi Tinsley, the owner of Sugar Shack in Menlo Park, is the latest to receive the wrath of local liberals and anyone who understands that President Trump is racist and insane. Tinsley was photographed at Wednesday's last and final Trump rally in Washington, D.C., and subsequently fans of her candy store are outraged and there's been at least one call for a boycott.

Also, as often happens these days, the store's Yelp page has been overtaken by people denouncing Tinsley's support of Trump, and the Yelp rating has been driven down to one and a half stars. Yelp has now done the customary thing of freezing the page for "unusual activity."

As NBC Bay Area reports, Tinsley declined to be interviewed but has issued a public statement admitting that she's a supporter of the president, and that she wanted to attend this final rally, but says she was appalled as most of us were when things devolved into mob violence. She also says she retreated to her hotel room after she herself was assaulted in the melee, and says she was not a part of the siege of the Capitol Building.

Tinsley's statement:

I do not have social media and didn't post any images of myself at the rally. I was there for a peaceful march and shared photos via text with a few friends. I left the rally when the crowd became unruly and I was pushed to the ground. I returned to my hotel at that point, long before the agitators stormed the building. Just like every other American, I watched in horror as the chaos unfolded on television. I couldn't believe my eyes and remain appalled at what I saw. I love my community, I love my country, and I hope those responsible for storming our Capitol Building are held fully accountable.

Local youth activist Henry Shane spoke to NBC Bay Area and ABC 7 saying, "To participate in an anti-democracy protest that was instigated by the President of the United States, we say no more to that. And we will not support your small business for that reason." Shane is now calling for a boycott of Sugar Shack.

"The Bay Area doesn't tolerate this domestic act of terrorism and blatant display of white supremacy," Shane wrote on Twitter.

This is not the first and certainly will not be the last example of a person being publicly castigated for attending Wednesday's rally/riot/attempted coup. For weeks the president had made clear that he wanted his most loyal supporters to bring a show of force to Washington on the day that President-elect Joe Biden's victory was being certified in Congress. So anyone who claims they believed the event would be calm and peaceful is either dumb or delusional, or both.

On Thursday we learned that a former Oakland police officer and a former fringe mayoral candidate in San Francisco were both part of Wednesday's insurrection.

Tinsley said she only attended because she thought it would be Trump's last public appearance as president, and she expected it to be peaceful, per NBC Bay Area. And as ABC 7 reports, the store has received threats and had to close early Thursday.

Anyone else want to come forward with their ardent Trump support? With the redneck/armed militia wing of his support coalition often being front and center at public events, did anyone else who voted for him miss the memo that this was coming? You're all in bed together now, as you always have been.

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