A video has emerged from a United flight on Tuesday from SFO to Washington D.C. that appears packed with MAGA-hat wearers who were heeding the call from the president to come protest the election that he lost fairly and clearly to the eyes of most Americans.

The flight looks uncomfortably full in the age of COVID, but what should that matter to the Trump crowd? He long ago politicized an apolitical virus that has already killed 361,000 Americans and spreads easily in crowded, enclosed spaces. But maybe nobody who these people know and it's just a bad flu, right?

In the video, some testosterone-fueled bros join in a chant of "U.S.A." as they excitedly fly to Trump's rally-turned-riot that threatened the fabric of democracy on Wednesday. Later, passengers begin singing a truly toneless version of the national anthem.

A woman on the plane, Lisa Lamping, told Storyful that she helped lead the singing with a young woman in the seat next to her, who was from Boise.

"I told the girl sitting next to me we should get everyone to sing a song and we were nervous to do it but we could feel the energy and excitement building as we landed," Lamping said. "So the two of us just started to sing."

Y'all are true patriots. Sorry, I meant idiots.

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