Anyone thinking they get to party at a friend's house across the Bay and still ride home on New Year's Eve after midnight will be sorely disappointed to learn that BART is not doing its usual extra hour of service, post-fireworks. And there are no fireworks. And you shouldn't be out partying, full stop.

Everyone should have caught up to the reality that they need to celebrate New Year's like their grandparents this year, either falling asleep well before the ball drops or simply watching the clock strike midnight from the comfort of their living rooms, cocktail or mocktail in hand.

In case you needed a reminder that this isn't a normal NYE, the usual fireworks in San Francisco have been canceled — as have fireworks all over the state — and all parties and such have gone virtual. As ABC 7 reports, BART is shutting down at 9 p.m. on Thursday, just as it has been doing through much of the pandemic.

BART trains will start running again at 8 a.m. on Friday, but using a Sunday schedule.

Ridership on BART has been 80% or more below normal levels on most days in the last nine months, with the trains largely being used by essential workers — like nurses and service-industry workers — who need to commute to and from jobs outside the cities where they live.

According to the transit agency's regularly updated COVID page, only 40,209 passengers took BART trains on Tuesday, December 29, which is 90% below usual ridership. And on Christmas Day, ridership was down 94%, with only 8,106 fares all day.

Photo: Cedric Letsch