The gas leak did catch fire and blazed the Fulton Street sidewalk, and PG&E has cut the gas lines in the neighborhood.

Sometime after 3 p.m. Thursday, a sidewalk was blazing on Fulton Street, and emergency personnel arrived to shut down and evacuate parts of the block. Now KPIX brings us the news that the fire was a sidewalk vent blazing because of a gas leak, and people have been evacuated from the neighborhood.

KTVU has a Periscope of the situation shot from a helicopter, seen above.

We now know that a service line was ruptured by a member of a construction crew. According to KPIX, “one adult had suffered a minor injury.” No additional injuries have been reported.

The tweet above from NBC Bay Area’s Janelle Wang makes the situation look like a dumpster fire, so surely there’s a “2020 is a dumpster fire” joke in there somewhere. But that’s just the camera angle, the fire is coming from a  sidewalk vent. And no homes or lives appear to be in danger at this moment, so despite an afternoon scare, hopefully this is something we can look back and joke about.

Image: Jay Barmann