In unrelated news about the election: an off-course emu was captured by Pleasanton animal services Friday — lassoed in front of a suburban lawn — and its owner still appears MIA.

Meanwhile, in the East Bay’s evolving avian epic — which has seen a belligerent turkey named Gerald cause mayhem at Morcom Rose Garden and this screeching peacock pit North Oakland neighborhoods against one another — a lost emu was rescued Friday afternoon after Pleasanton Police Department received the unexpected animal rescue call.

According to SFGate, the "EMU-gency" was resolved after Pleasanton Animal Services employees Frankie Ayers and Amy Martin were called to wrangle the towering flightless bird; the pair was selected "specifically for their experience growing up on farms."

Emus, much like ostriches and cassowaries — the planet's two other like-sized flightless birds — use their large feet to run at quick paces and, if provoked, gouge a potential threat. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Though despite being able to sprint across Australian grasslands at 30-plus mph, the domesticated bird appeared tranquil as Ayers and Martin fastened a lasso around its feet — "cowboy style."

The prehistoric bird (with three forward-facing, prehistoric-like toes) is currently at the Alameda County animal shelter, awaiting its owner to come forth and pick it up.

So... yeah... if you know someone who misplaced a hundred-ish pound bird, tell them to give the shelter a ring at (510) 337-8565.

Much like the rogue arboreal reptile — a panther chameleon— that was rescued by the Peninsula Humane Society Wednesday, emus are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs that are later hatched by the parent(s).

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"A chameleon that was rescued from a power line in Daly City earlier this week has been reunited with its owner" [SFist]

Image: Courtesy of Facebook via Pleasanton Police Department