Smuin Ballet — the same dance company that earlier this month held a performance outside of John’s Grill on Ellis Street — is returning to streaming with performances for its Virtual Fall Dance Series, showcasing newly choreographed works by company artists in sumptuous outdoor settings unique to the Bay Area.

To put it quite mildly: 2020's been an abysmal year for live entertainment. Though, thanks to the cornucopia of technologies now at our fingertips, we can virtually attend concerts, recitals, and plays — from the comfort of our living rooms. (Or bedrooms lined with takeout containers, if we’re being honest.) Adding to our list of worthwhile things to stream now includes Smuin Ballet's Virtual Fall Dance Series that'll help bring some pre-Thanksgiving sprightliness to your screen time routines.

In a press release for the soon-to-be-launched series, Smuin Ballet dancers apparently returned to the studio earlier this fall to begin working safely in "small pods” on solos and duets, with physical contact restricted to dancers only within the same household. (Fortunately, Smuin Ballet includes several couples and roommates among its members — so allowing performers to safely work in selected pairings wasn't too much of an issue.) Several of the company’s artists, too, also brought all-new original pieces and ideas they had created and crafted in lockdown to the company, adding a level of emotional reliability to the compositions.

To further enhance the virtual series, the dancers (within their respective duos and groups) rehearsed and recorded outdoors at unique settings around the Bay Area. Among the filmed settings includes the oceanside at Fort Funston, the Point Reyes Shipwreck, and public green spaces around San Francisco; each program is also accompanied by pieces from the “Smuin Songbook,” which features music from the likes of Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and more.

Also: after each performance, Smuin Ballet’s artistic director, Celia Fushille, and the participating artists will hold a live Q&A session where program attendees are free to present any questions they may have for the creatives and the dance company.

Each program will be held weekly at two separate times (Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 4:30 p.m.) and will start with “Program A” this coming Wednesday, November 4, and end with “Program C” on November 22.

For more information on tickets — individual tickets are $25 and a package subscription comes in at $75 — as well as additional details about Smuin Ballet's Virtual Fall Dance Series, visit

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Image: Courtesy of Smuin Ballet via Cassidy Isaacson