Another 'Karen' moment was caught on camera over the weekend in the South Bay, only this time the Karen in question was not an anti-masker or BLM mural objector, but a righteous neighbor claiming that a party in her midst was "illegal."

The incident happened in Saratoga, where a small group of friends and family was gathering for a backyard gender-reveal party. Setting aside the stupidity and cis-heteronormativity of these rituals, the family insists this was a small, outdoor gathering with some relatives visiting from Sacramento, and they were doing nothing wrong.

As KRON4 reports, the house was offered up for the occasion by the homeowner a friend of the family — KRON4 also says it was a "rental" but the homeowner appears to have been there, and whose voice can be heard in the video below. He shot the video from a front window as the angry neighbor tried to block his guests in the middle of the street outside, and came storming up to his front door, kicking it.

She then confronts him through a screen in the window, saying such parties are "illegal in Saratoga," and when the homeowner says he's just having some friends over she screams, "That's bullshit!" and punches the cellphone out of his hand through the screen.

The homeowner didn't want to appear on camera for KRON4's story, but he tells them that he knew the neighbor would likely be a problem due to concerns about the pandemic.

The woman is unmasked during the confrontation, but appears to be holding a surgical mask in her hand. She also reportedly kicked the car of one of the partygoers.

Partygoer Elijah Johnson expressed confusion about why the woman was "so infuriated, so enraged about something that had nothing to do with her." Johnson and his family suggested the woman's outrage may have been racially motivated, because they are Black.

Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputies reportedly visited the woman on Monday, but it's unclear if there are any charges pending against her.

The homeowner tells KRON4 that he was told he was not doing anything wrong by hosting the gathering. And as of Monday, California issued statewide guidance allowing for outdoor gatherings of up to three households at a time.