Folsom is all online this year, but if you "like to watch," here’s Sunday's full, detailed, all-day schedule of live performers, DJs, scenes, and after-parties that you just can’t beat.

You are surely aware that this weekend’s 2020 Folsom Street Fair was bound to be an online virtual affair, and we couldn’t help but plug the news that Margaret Cho would host the proceedings along with co-hosts Alotta Boutté (Beach Blanket Babylon) and Lance Holman (Mr. San Francisco Leather 2010). But that’s the ‘top’ of the bill — Folsom Street Events has roped in a banging gang of live music acts, DJs, performers, parties, after-parties, and presumably masked or fluid-bonded hotties fuckin’ doing it to one another for a play-all-day tryst.

We’ve listed every act Folsom Street Events has pegged for performance by category below. Folsom Street Events has provided this highly detailed Folsom Street Fair 2020 livestream schedule that fills every hole. The livestream gets off at 10:45 PT Sunday morning, Sept. 27, with a screening of the documentary Folsom Forever, though DJs will sit and spin starting at 9 a.m. Sunday, and the main performances begin at 12 Noon. (You can watch the Folsom Street Fair online HERE).


There are four big live music acts playing Sunday, and they all slap! They’re scheduled to perform in the reverse chronological order listed below, though with the exception of headliner Dorian Electra, each performer will fill a brief slot during the hour listed below.  

5 p.m. - Dorian Electra  

4-5 p.m. - Danny Denial

2-3 p.m. - Big Joanie

1-2 p.m. and 4-5 p.m. - Holly Miranda


9 a.m. - Taradox

10 a.m - Myster C

11 a.m. - DJ Christian

12 p.m. - Pains Grey

1 p.m. - Olga T

2 p.m. - Tony Moran

3:30 p.m. - Beats by Juan

4:30 p.m. Dan de Leon

6 p.m. La Frida

These live performers will be putting on take-it-off shows. While they’re listed alphabetically here, you can found their exact performance time on the Folsom Street Fair online schedule.  

  • Annelisa
  • Baloney
  • Bettie Bondage
  • Cheetah Biscotti
  • Chelsea Poe
  • Clay Taurus
  • Courtney Trouble
  • Crusty the Queen
  • Danarama
  • Gatita Negra
  • Jorel Logan
  • Lita Lecherous
  • Maggie Powers
  • Natsha Gornik
  • Rebel Obscure
  • Crusty the Queen
  • Mario Diaz
  • Matthew Presidente
  • MC Party Mouth
  • modest pup
  • Monster Bait
  • Natsha Gornik
  • Nicki Jizz
  • Nova Sky
  • Pains Grey
  • Papi Churro
  • Plack Blague
  • Rebel Obscure
  • RedBone
  • Row Ruckus
  • Ruby Riots
  • Sgt Die Wies
  • Sheba QOTN
  • Thomas is Titanic
  • Xsoutherndollx

These streams will be going at it all day, and Folsom Street Events says these scene performers will smack down “education, dancing, cruising, hot videos and more! No matter who you are or what you’re into, we’ve got a SCENE for you.” Here's the full Folsom Street Fair scene performers schedule and lineup featuring these community scene partners:

  • Wicked Grounds Annex Ask a Kink Educator
  • Black Thorn Lounge
  • Twisted Windows Bondage Lounge
  • Virtual Bootstand by Daughters of Medusa
  • Joy @ Folsom: Biker Babes in Space
  • Pink Label TV
  • Keep SOMA Kinky Carnival
  • Puppy Play by SFK9
  • Black Kinky Sexcellence Velvet Lips
  • The Bonobo Experience
  • Recon
  • SF Community Health Center


Bawdy Storytelling: Official Afterparty for Folsom Street Fair (7 – 9:30 p.m., TICKETS $10 – $69.69 HERE)

Baloney Folsom & Chill (7-8 p.m., $10 SUGGESTED VENMO)

Electroluxx Virtual Folsom (2-8 p.m. FREE ON TWITCH)

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Image: (Left,; Middle, SF Leather Pride; Right, Max Johnson for Dark Garden)