• The Chronicle never published its Top 100 this past spring, and restaurant critic Soleil Ho says it was all ready to go — like so many things — when the pandemic hit. Now the paper has decided to publish a Top 88, acknowledging the current takeout and outdoor dining options at the 88 places that are still operating, and acknowledging that 12 restaurants on the original list are currently, but hopefully not permanently, closed. [Chronicle]
  • Muni stopped deploying fare inspectors during the pandemic, but they're coming back soon to hand out tickets. [Chronicle]
  • It's not yet official, but PG&E is warning of possible public-safety power shutoffs (PSPS) this weekend due to high winds. [ABC7]
  • Thanks in part to federal relief funding, BART is ending its fiscal year with a surplus. [Examiner]
  • Two people who appeared to have overdosed inside a car in the Upper Haight prompted a major emergency response Thursday morning. [Hoodline]
  • Dianne Feinstein's husband Richard Blum has been implicated in the UC audit for pulling strings to get a student admitted via his role as a regent. [Associated Press]
  • FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress today that his agency has not seen any evidence of any coordinated effort at mail-in voting fraud. [New York Times]
  • Facebook announced Thursday that it had shut down some accounts with direct ties to Russian intelligence that seemed poised for election meddling and misinformation. [CBS SF]

Photo: Guillaume Merle