• A new COVID-19 testing site opens in Berkeley today where people can administer tests themselves. This type of COVID-19 screening recently gained traction in Southern California, allowing for easier, less daunting access to testing that the City of Berkeley intends to extend after this weekend; this new testing site is located at 1701 San Pablo in the Berkeley Adult School parking lot. [KRON4]
  • Small businesses in San Francisco continue shuttering en masse — with some 80 having already closed since March. A new study from the lending marketplace company LendingTree discovered that San Francisco small business owners had the 5th bleakest outlook of all major U.S. cities; San Jose was also in the top five. [SF Weekly]
  • Chase Center is now the first sports venue in Northern California to earn the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR Facility accreditation... which is like the Olympic gold medal in the cleaning industry. “We thought it was very important to have a third party verify how good our policies and protocols are,” said Chase Center general manager Kim Stone to KPIX. “So guests understand and staff understands the level to which we’re holding ourselves accountable coming out of this.” [KPIX]
  • Friday's almost 14-acre Shoreline Fire in Contra Costa County was contained early last night with no injuries reported. [KTVU]
  • After losing their restaurant jobs, three Oaklandians are now grilling jerk chicken in a West Oakland backyard they share as part of a new joint pop-up restaurant aptly called “Brokeass Cooks.” [SFGate]
  • In what appears like an attempt to save face after it was revealed they took millions in PPP loans, Veritas has said they'll forgive unpaid rent — but tenants are apprehensive. [SF Examiner]
  • This 2,000-square-foot Claude Oakland–designed Eichler home in Sequoyah Hills is a wonderland of glass walls and even includes its own atrium. [Dwell]
  • We file this away under the "WTF 2020" folder: zombie cicadas — mind-controlled by an invasive fungus — have returned again in West Virginia and are likely to spread elsewhere in the country. [CNN/ Business Insider]

Image: David Barajas