The story of a Los Angeles-area who was just beaten and robbed of his life savings outside a bank where he'd just withdrawn it is enough to make you hate 2020 all over again.

Francisco Cornejo had just taken out the money from the sale of his home, $200,000, and he had parked as close as possible to the door of the bank in order to quickly drive away with the cash. As ABC 7 reports, a thief can be seen on surveillance video jumping Cornejo just as he reached his car, beating him and knocking him to the ground.

The incident happened last week outside a Chase Bank in Huntington Park, a city in southeastern Los Angeles County.

KTLA has video captured from the incident.

"He was literally fighting for his life savings," said the family's attorney, Nathan Soleimani, speaking to the press. "And when he was being beaten he was doing his best to try and retain the bag that he brought with him."

As news station KCTV reports, the FBI is helping in the hunt for the suspect, and Chase Bank has confirmed it is working with law enforcement.

It remains unclear why Cornejo was withdrawing the large cash sum, or if there was any way the suspect could have been aware he would be doing this.

Soleimani says his family is just thankful that he is alive and merely bruised up.

Photo: Getty Images