More wheels of justice turn in the Shrimp Boy affair, as an Oakland crime figure gets a life sentence for the murder of two other crime figures at a fake Mendocino pot farm.  

The media had a lot of fun over the years following the vast criminal proceedings of Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, in no small part because of his cinematic persona and an absolutely bonkers New York Times Magazine photoset that portrayed him rolling around snuggling with dogs and such. We tend to forget his exploits also involved murders and executions, hence his life sentence in prison.

Now, four years after Chow's sentencing, another life sentence has been handed down in Shrimp Boy-related Chinese organized crime Wednesday, as more minor character Wing Wo Ma, known to familiars as “Fat Mark,” was sentenced to life in federal prison according to the San Jose Mercury News. Ma was was found guilty of murdering Shrimp Boy rivals Jim Tat Kong and Cindy Bao Feng Chen — on Chen’s birthday, no less — at a fake marijuana grow at Fort Bragg in October 2013, which he told them was a real marijuana grow he was giving to them because he owed them a great deal of money.

Ma’s executions were intended to make his debt problems with the couple go away. They did not, because DNA on cigarette butts he left at the scene tied him to the murder.

According to the FBI and US district attorney’s office Northern California, Ma’s scheme was to drive the couple to their remote, fictional marijuana grow and murder them. He would then elude law enforcement because he had a guy on the inside, now-disgraced Oakland police lieutenant Harry Hu, whom Ma had generously bribed to keep police off his tail.

A Department of Justice release obtained by KPIX notes that “Since at least 2008, Ma bribed Hu with airfare for multiple trips to Las Vegas, free accommodation at high-end suites and hotel rooms at Las Vegas casinos, meals and entertainment in Las Vegas and San Francisco, female hostesses at private room bars in Las Vegas and San Francisco, music concert tickets, use of a new Mercedes Benz, and labor for the remodel of Hu’s personal residence.”

There’s no evidence the hit was ordered by Shrimp Boy, but Shrimp Boy was convicted of conspiracy to have Kong murdered in a separate incident. That hit was to be conducted by another gangster with a “Fat” nickname, Chow’s bodyguard/enforcer Kongphet “Fat Joe” Chanthavong.

Ma’s attorneys attempted to argue that he was not simply bribing police, but was also a police informant. The judge didn’t buy it, and sentenced Ma to life for the two murders, as well as firearms charges, conspiracy to distribute drugs, and conspiracy to commit honest services fraud and bribery.

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Image: Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office