• Cannabis dispensary owners in Oakland want greater police protection after a shooting on Friday. One employee was killed and another wounded in the shooting at a cannabis business near the Oakland Coliseum. [CBS SF]
  • American and Southwest Airlines both say they are no longer accepting any mask-wearing exceptions, even if a person has a medical condition. They say if you can't wear a mask you should be staying home. [KRON4]
  • Hawaiian Airlines has confirmed that one of its veteran flight attendants, Jeff Kurtzman, has died of COVID-19 after testing positive earlier this month. [KRON4]
  • Like Marin County just did, Sonoma County is considering stricter enforcement of mask-wearing. [KTVU]
  • Stanford has gotten approval to do pool testing for the virus, a method to speed up tests when virus prevalence in a place is low. [ABC 7]
  • A proposed ordinance in San Francisco would protect workers from being fired, demoted, or otherwise impacted on the job for deciding to quarantine after possible COVID exposure, or for testing positive. [Examiner]
  • Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is suing YouTube/Alphabet for failing to pull down bitcoin scam videos that feature his likeness. [Chronicle]
  • The mayor of Portland got tear-gassed by federal troops during a protest Wednesday night, and he was mocked by protesters who say the city has used tear gas on them. [Associated Press]

Photo: Paulius Dragunas