After both potentially being exposed to the coronavirus this week, Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Shamann Walton have tested negative — though Breed says she will be tested again next week as a precaution.

"I'm continuing to follow [the city's Department of Public Health] guidance, which includes taking another test next week, since we know it can take a while between being exposed and testing positive," Breed writes. "Thank you to everyone for the kind words and positive thoughts."

Walton confirmed to KPIX that he tested negative as well.

Breed announced late Wednesday that she would be taking 10 days off from attending events as part of her mayoral duties as a precaution, and it seems that will still be the case. She announced her negative test result on Twitter Thursday afternoon, and used the opportunity to continue to stress the importance of social distancing. "Your actions matter and every choice you make right now can be the difference between someone living and someone dying," Breed writes. "I cannot stress this enough: follow public health guidance and make smart decisions."

The Wednesday announcement came with the implication that someone who attended an event where Breed was present with Walton — possibly a press event on Tuesday stemming from the Saturday shooting death of a child in the Bayview — was knowingly infected and attended anyway. It has not been confirmed where Breed and Walton were potentially exposed.

Breed wrote on Wednesday night, "It’s simply reckless for those who have tested positive [to] go out and risk the lives of others. I cannot stress this enough: if you test positive, it’s on you to stay home and not expose others."

She reiterated that again on Thursday.

Photo via SFBayview