One of the four Little Chihuahua locations in San Francisco, on Divisadero near the Lower Haight, has temporarily closed after three staff members have turned up COVID-positive.

Two of the employees at this location were reportedly asymptomatic, and a third became sick with symptoms but reportedly did not show symptoms at work, per Hoodline. And now the Divisadero shop is closed until further notice for a deep clean.

"It’s just a sign of the times," says restaurant representative Leslie Liberatore, speaking to Hoodline. "You can do everything but this pandemic is bigger than all of us." Liberatore noted that under current city and state protocols, restaurants are not required to shut down if an employee tests positive, but Little Chihuahua is taking added precautions on the orders of owner Andrew Johnstone.

In a Facebook post, the restaurant says it wanted to be fully transparent about the confirmed cases and the closure, despite the lack of a city mandate. "These are the days we all dread but it's the reality of the world we live in right now," they write. "We asked for your trust and you gave it to us, so we're holding up our end of the deal."

The other three Little Chihuahua locations in the Mission, Noe Valley, and Nob Hill all remain open for takeout and delivery.

This is the third known instance of a Bay Area restaurant closing due to a positive case on its staff, and the second since restaurants have begun reopening for outdoor dining. Last week, Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley similarly shut down after two kitchen employees there tested positive. The restaurant just announced that it will remain closed through the holiday weekend and reopen next week, on July 6, for indoor dining.