Bay Area protests denouncing racism and police brutality show no sign of easing up anytime soon. This weekend saw at least two skateboarding protests in support of BLM, another paddle-out at Ocean Beach to honor George Floyd, and additional rallies celebrating Friday’s Juneteenth holiday.

When Angela Davis — the industrious, steadfast civil rights activist and UC Santa Cruz professor — emerged from the sunroof of a Mini Cooper Friday afternoon to address crowds at the Pork of Oakland, she galvanized the masses with messages of hope. Words cemented in resilience; pontifications not too dissimilar to what we heard from Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement. Davis' encapsulated what we're currently all feeling: we're on the periphery of change, and we must remain persistent in demanding it.

Alas, that unwavering dedication to moving the needle forward was, again, seen across the Bay Area this weekend.

More than a few protests took to SF City Hall this Saturday and Sunday, with one demanding the defunding of police. Today, Father's Day, Zoomers riding skateboards wheeled themselves to the Embarcadero in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. A like-intended rally later took place at Fort Mason with people calling for the disbandment of the law enforcement agencies and departments.

North of the Golden Gate Bridge in Santa Rosa, a "24 hours of protest" event was held that included candlelight vigils to those who've lost their lives to police brutality, a unity march around Julliard Park, and more. Just like in San Francisco earlier Sunday, a group of East Bay skateboarders took to the pavement at Fremont City Hall to show support for our BIPOC communities.

If you were busy this weekend rallying your voice on Twitter and/or opening your wallet to fund organizations fighting for racial justice, don't fret. Here are some of the best social media posted photos and videos from this Saturday and Sunday's demonstrations to scroll through, below.

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Car Caravan Protest Blocks All Westbound Lanes of Bay Bridge

Image: Courtesy of Instagram via @eden.purple