• With SF restaurants officially given the green light to open for al fresco dining yesterday, Zeitgeist unveiled their new socially distant "Zeit booths." Now capable of seating some 100 patrons, the popular SF beer garden was crowded yesterday as San Franciscans drank and ate — behind walls of bisecting glasswork that separated dining parties from one another. [SFGate]
  • Dozens of civic demonstrations are scheduled across the Bay Area this weekend. Much like last weekend (and the weekend before that), at least 33 rallies, protests, and cleanups are slated to happen across the Bay Area Saturday and Sunday; today, specifically, will see a motorcycle ride in solidarity with BLM, as well as a "black-out march" lead by local high school- and college-age kids descend on City Hall. [SF Funcheap]
  • The Christopher Columbus statue at Coit Tower was (again) defaced on Friday. The statue's face and hands were painted red, likely symbolizing the bloodshed Columbus spilled by enslaving natives and pillaging their lands when he and crew discovered the "New World." [NBC Bay Area]
  • A UCSF scientist, who spent a year on a fellowship at the university, was charged with visa fraud. [KTVU]
  • Hundreds showed up for a Women's March rally at Dolores Park yesterday to denounce both rampant racism and sexism: "Trans Women are Women! Black Lives Matter!" read one sign. [Mission Local]
  • A coalition of social justice groups is suing the Oakland Police Department over its handling of the late-May protests and rallies conducted in the name of George Floyd. [KQED]
  • In a neverending game of musical chairs, the New Deal-era murals at UCSF – which, circa 2015, were described as the “crown [jewels]” of its art collection — could be removed... should someone have $8M burning a hole in their pockets. [Chronicle]
  • A series of likely arson-started Larkspur fires that began last night is quickly spreading, forcing nearby homes to evacuate. [KPIX]
  • With outdoor dining and picnicking enjoying a second wind of popularity, opt to order your next bottles of vino from a Black-owned Bay Area winery. [The Bold Italic]

Image: Instagram via @zeitgeist_sf