One windfall of the pandemic has been unmetered, ticket-free street parking in many Bay Area cities. But now, just like in San Francisco — where street sweeping ticketing will resume on June 15 — the City of Oakland is set to start enforcing certain parking regulations soon.

Fun fact: in 2014, it was estimated the City of San Francisco makes north of $130M per year — or $433K, daily — in parking meter and citation revenues. That same year, $2.7M in parking-related tickets were paid to the City of Oakland. Suffice to say that these parking meter and citation models are sizable cash cows for the two Bay Area cities. And in the near future, they'll again be milked for funds.

As noted by KRON4, Oakland will still maintain standard pricing at all street meters and in city-owned garages and lots, but parking meter enforcement is starting up again on July 6; each car in violation of the new rules will get one courtesy warning ticket before being officially cited. Though, the news outlet acknowledged that all other "[temporarily suspended] parking regulations" announced when the Bay Area started sheltering in place will exist unchanged.

The City of Oakland will not enforce the following, per KRON4:

• Time-limited parking
• Residential permit parking
• Street sweeping parking *voluntary compliance is recommended

However, violations like double-parking, obstructing a bike lane and/or wheelchair ramp, and parking at an unpaid metered will merit a ticket that could be in excess of $265, depending on the citation.

So, yes: if your car has sat motionless along an Oakland street or inside a city-owned parking lot for weeks on end, now cloaked in a thin sheet of dust and bird droppings, it’s time to think about where you'll move it next.

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