Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr has emerged from his isolation to give a shoutout to essential workers in the Bay Area — and he's sporting a daddy beard that might shock you.

The usually clean-shaven, some would even say babyfaced Kerr joined South Bay Congressman Ro Khanna for an Instagram Live chat on Wednesday, "looking like he’s spent time on a deserted island with Tom Hanks," as KPIX puts it.

It's more just a distinguished gentleman's fashionable beard, IMO, but Kerr joked during the chat, "I lost my razor blade during the quarantine."

"[The lockdown] has allowed all of us to take a step back and say — ‘Wow.’ Essential means the people who are allowing us to function every single day in the manner we are used to doing so," Kerr said. "Just going and buying groceries — the people who are supplying all of the food and getting the food in the trucks to the stores and the people who are working in the grocery stores at the cash registers. Without them we would not be able to feed our families and be at home during the quarantine and fight this virus. I think it has given us a whole new perspective on what essential really means."

As for when or how the NBA is planning to start up again, Kerr only said, "We’re probably looking at playing some games, or I should say we are preparing to play some games without fans. That might be the first step, but we don’t know at this point."

Baseball season is currently, possibly set to start up on July 4th, though MLB players still need to agree to a compensation plan for the abbreviated, no-live-fan season with team owners.