You may recall the dash-cam video that sparked a mystery back on December 30, when a Lexus SUV was seen flying off a cliff at Gray Whale Cove near Pacifica, on Highway 1. Well, all these months later, there are finally some human remains and a positive ID.

The dash-cam video of a car speeding off the cliff was shocking and strange enough — especially with no car or body able to be found nearby — that it sparked skepticism that the video could have been a fake. But it was no fake, and a second witness in a nearby vehicle came forward a couple weeks later to corroborate what the video footage showed. The car appeared to be green. It launched off the cliff, seemingly intentionally but possibly the result of a distracted or sleeping driver on a curvy road. And still neither driver nor car had been found.

But now, as KPIX reports, authorities have identified the deceased driver as Tracey Sinclair of San Francisco. Sinclair's family filed a missing persons report on her, and in recent weeks, a DNA match was made with some human remains that were found on nearby Montara Beach. A search of DMV records found that Sinclair had registered a 2007 Lexus SUV. Also, Sinclair's driver's license was found there as well.

Where did the car go? A massive search never turned up anything, but dangerous ocean conditions precluded a more thorough search. It was never clear how deep the waters are in that part of the coast, or how far the car might have drifted before sinking — or if it broke apart on impact with the water.

CHP investigators continue working on the case. In a press release they say, "Although lacking sufficient information to positively identify the driver at the time of the incident, San Francisco CHP investigators remained determined and vigilant to solve the case and bring proper closure to surviving family and friends."

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