Rescue crews have been battling intense surf since Monday after a witness reported seeing a vehicle go speeding off a cliff south of Devil's Slide, on Highway 1 at Gray Whale Cove. Now the witness has provided dash-cam video to authorities and local media showing the moment in question — which may have been an accident.

The video shows what appears to be a green Lexus SUV driving off the cliff at full speed, possibly after missing a sharp turn in the road. KPIX obtained the video from the witness, identified as Filemon Ledesma. The incident happened Monday morning and as of Tuesday afternoon, neither the vehicle nor its inhabitants have been found.

As KPIX reported Monday, car parts were found on the beach in addition to tire marks where the car was seen going over the cliff. The Coast Guard, CalFire, and California Highway Patrol were all involved with the search.

It's unclear how deep the water is in the area where the car plummeted.

The Coast Guard is asking for the public's help in figuring out who may have been in the car. Coast Guard Lt. Toni Pehrson said in a statement to KPIX Monday, "The Coast Guard is asking if anyone knows of the person who might have been in a green Lexus vehicle that is overdue, or they’re not sure where they are, please give the Coast Guard a call."

Also, the CHP has put out a call for additional witnesses, and they can be reached at 415-407-3741.