"We will not tolerate anyone coming to San Francisco for 420 this year," said Mayor London Breed in a virtual press conference Monday. "We have absorbed the cost and we have worked with the community to allow this unsanctioned event to continue to occur... but this year we will be very, very strict with our policies. We will not allow it."

Promising roadblocks, police patrols, and possible arrests, Mayor Breed made clear today that a week from now, on Monday, April 20, the annual celebration of all things cannabis at Robin Williams Meadow in Golden Gate Park is officially canceled. At the press conference, Breed said that the city is prepared for people to show up anyway — and given that this was always an unsanctioned event that the city only recently began begrudgingly tolerating, they'll probably show up just to keep in the anarchic spirit of thing. She promised that the entire area of the meadow would be fenced off, and the SFPD will be out in force and issuing citations to people violating the shelter-in-place order — and even making arrests — if they have to.

Organizers of the stoner fest, which they call the 420 Hippie Hill celebration, officially called things off more than two weeks ago, as SF Weekly reported, saying, "We take the health & safety of the public, our staff, vendors, and sponsors very seriously."

But much like alcohol consumption, weed consumption has been through the roof during the coronavirus lockdown, because: obviously. So will some young and generally irresponsible fans of marijuana still try to have a party in Golden Gate Park despite all these warnings? Possibly.

Kids in Oakland were still gathering for sideshows as of two weeks ago.

And 19,000 people, approximately, descended on Golden Gate Park for last year's 420 which happened on a Saturday.

Anyway, they've been warned!

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