Among the pricy luxuries that those with means can still indulge in — while also supporting a local business — Alexander's Steakhouse in SoMa (and in the South Bay) is offering some family meal packages for pickup that could just brighten up your weekend.

First off, for those stuck at home self-isolating alone, you can order individual steaks for a treat yoself night — the selection includes a Schmitz Ranch Holstein strip for $61, and a dry-aged, 24-ounce Greater Omaha porterhouse for $112, both of which come with veal glacé. If you want to be really indulgent, there are several Wagyu and Kobe options as well.

Next, there's an Ultimate Dry-Aged Steak Duo with both a T-bone and a porterhouse, serving two to three people, and it includes two sides of shishito peppers and a large mixed green salad for $199 — other sides like mac and cheese can be added as well.

And for a family — or for you and a couple of roommates with leftovers — there's a prime rib feast that serves six, which will involve some heating up when you get it home. It's a seven-pound rib roast that comes with au jus, horseradish, a bottle of 2015 Alexander's Steakhouse Cabernet, mashed potatoes and another side of your choosing ($295). Prime rib orders require four hours lead time and are available for pickup during regular operating hours (5:30 to 9 p.m., or 10 p.m. on Fri-Sat) at 448 Brannan Street.

There are other menu items on offer as well, including appetizers, bottles of wine, and bento boxes for lunch.

Smaller orders can also be made, for delivery and pickup, via Caviar and Yelp. And, Alexander's butcher shop is open, if you want to grill some fine cuts at home that you may not find at Safeway or Bi-Rite.

You should be supporting restaurants in humbler ways, certainly, as these isolating weeks drag on — and here's a running but incomplete list of who's open and doing what. But indulgences like this aren't exactly available across the board, so if you can swing it, throw Alexander's some bucks and fill your belly with meat.

Photo: AlexandersSteakhouse/Instagram