In an oceanic game of musical chairs, the coronavirus-stricken cruise ship will now dock at the Port of Oakland on Monday, allowing 3,000-plus souls to touchdown on firm ground — before being shuttled off to various health care facilities for mandatory quarantine and appropriate medical treatment.

As reported on by The Associated Press (AP) and Mercury News, an agreement was reached between the Grand Princess Captain John Smith, Governor Gavin Newsom, and various State officials yesterday to grant the ship access into the Easy Bay port, permitting the 3,533  passengers and crew to disembark.

“After docking, [the ship's crew] will then begin a disembarkation process specified by federal authorities that will take several days," Smith adds in a statement published by the AP, saying that those who need any sort of medical treatment will be transported to US health care facilities for applicable quarantine and hospitalization.

However, the ship’s crew will be isolated and treated aboard the vessel; no one on the Grand Princess cruise ship will be cared for in Oakland or allowed to interact with the general public, according to City of Oakland officials.

To that point, The Hill also noted that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said earlier today some 1,000 passengers — who are California residents — will finish a mandatory 14-day quarantines at nearby Travis Air Force Base and Miramar Naval Air Station. Those on the Grand Princess cruise ship that reside in other states will be sent to either the Joint Base San Antonio Lackland in Texas or Dobbins Air Force Base in Georgia.

"The Department of State is working closely with the home countries of several hundred passengers to arrange for repatriation to their countries," HHS added in a statement published by The Hill.

Vice President Pence — a man that many believe was responsible for Indiana's largest HIV outbreak and, too, has no accredited degree in molecular virology — who's in charge of handling the domestic coronavirus response, has said at least 21 people aboard the ship were tested positive for the virus.

Though President Trump has gone on record to say he thinks those inside the Grand Princess cruise ship should "stay on the boat so that coronavirus numbers don't go up," per Newsweek, those aboard the ship will receive comprehensive care and attention — because, alas, they're human beings... just like us.

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