21 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship currently idling just off the San Francisco coast. Vice President Mike Pence delivered the news Friday afternoon, saying that 25 people tested did not appear to have the virus.

A total of 46 tests were administered (not 45 as earlier reported), and the majority of those testing positive for the virus appear to be crew members — 19 of the 21 positive tests. One test was also inconclusive. We learned earlier today that the reason only this number of tests was being given was because these individuals were showing flu-like symptoms — and because there aren't enough tests to go around.

One crew member was previously evacuated from the ship for medical reasons when it reached Hawaii earlier this week.

Pence said that the cruise ship would now move to a "non-commercial port," as ABC 7 reports, though it's not clear where that will be or if it will be in the Bay.

Meanwhile, New York State has confirmed 44 cases of the virus, most of which have been connected to a single case, a Westchester lawyer who was hospitalized.

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Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises