Some rain is headed our way, finally, in the early hours of Saturday, ending a record-setting dry spell.

Yes, indeed, that bone-dry February is over, and we'll be seven days into March when a cold front moves into the Bay Area late Friday. The North Bay may see the rain first, on Friday night, but in the wee hours of Saturday the front will move right across the entire Bay Area — leaving things wet, but not super soaked, by the time you wake up.

As ABC 7's Mike Nicco forecasts, the total rainfall will only be about a quarter of an inch or less in San Francisco, but, "It only takes 1/100 of an inch to stop this streak."

Another band of moisture appears to be following the main front, and that looks like it could bring more drizzle to our area later Saturday morning.

SF just experienced the first rainless February since 1864. And while no one is saying "drought" just yet, having such a dry late winter doesn't bode well for fire season.

As for any rain to follow after Saturday, there doesn't look to be a Miracle March taking shape just yet. According Weather Underground, some more rain might be headed toward the Bay a week from Saturday, but it's too early to say.