All of the deaths from the coronavirus so far in the U.S. — now a total of six — have occurred in Washington State, suggesting that the undetected hot spot there is further along in the virus's cycle than elsewhere.

Washington recorded four more deaths from the virus on Monday, and as the New York Times reports, four of the victims in that state were all residents of the same nursing home. And as the Times reported earlier, genetic testing of virus samples suggests that the virus may have been getting passed around the same Washington State community for about six weeks before the first case was detected — heightening fears that more undetected hot spots are likely to arise. A total of 18 confirmed cases are now in Washington State.

Another one may be in Santa Clara County, where the confirmed number of cases hit seven over the weekend, and rose by another two as of Monday, to nine.

As the Chronicle reports, a new case has appeared in Sonoma County, and it's a passenger who boarded a cruise ship in San Francisco and bound for Mexico for ten days. That case sounds like it could lead to many more, given what we already know about cruise ships and this virus. This case appeared on the same day that around 140 passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which got stuck in quarantine in Japan, were released today from their quarantine at Travis Air Force Base. Most, per the Chronicle, boarded buses to airports in San Francisco and Sacramento.

Yet another new case was discovered in San Mateo County, as health officials announced Monday — and it's another apparent case of community transmission, with no known contact between the patient and anyone who had been traveling.

As the Washington Post reports, the number of new cases reported in South Korea just surpassed the number of new cases in China — 599 new cases were reported in Korea, though the large number may be largely due to the speed of testing that's occurring there, far faster than it has been happening in the U.S.

Meanwhile, new cases are appearing on the East Coast, where there had been none as of last week. As NBC Boston reports, New Hampshire recorded its first case Monday after four individuals were being tested there. That individual had recently traveled to Italy, which is another hot spot of infections, with more than 1,600 confirmed cases there.

A Manhattan woman who had traveled to Iran became the first case in New York State over the weekend, and a there was also another case of apparent community transmission in a man in Florida. The total of U.S. cases has now hit the 100 mark.