An arrest has been made in a case involving a hunched-over shady character who was seen in surveillance video apparently randomly stabbing someone in the back of the leg on Market Street.

The February 21 incident, which happened in broad daylight near the intersection of Seventh Street and Market, was caught on surveillance video and shared last week by the SFPD on Twitter, in the hope of identifying the suspect. On Sunday night the department says it arrested 51-year-old SF resident Timothy Piwowar, booking him on suspicion of aggravated assault and a felony no-bail warrant for burglary, as the Chronicle reports.

The video shows a hunched figure, identified as Piwowar, walking up the street, turning around, and approaching a man who was standing talking to another individual beside a bicycle. You can then see the suspect apparently stabbing the victim in the back of the leg, after which the victim hobbles away grabbing at his leg. On Thursday, the SFPD's Tenderloin Station released the still images above in the hope of getting the public's help in ID'ing the suspect.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Incidentally, Piwowar was featured in a mention in the Union Square Business Improvement District's October 2019 newsletter. The BID's "Miracle Messages" team, which has ambassadors doing outreach to people on the streets of Union Square and offering to contact family or friends they've lost touch with, made a connection with Piwowar regarding an estranged sister. He told the ambassadors that he had been out of touch with his sister Jacalyn for 10 years "after an altercation outside his sister's home." He relayed a message to her that he was alive and that he loved her.