40-year-old Miesha Ellese Singleton of San Leandro was picking up her child from Elmhurst United Middle School Friday afternoon when she was struck and killed by a rogue Nissan Maxima.

Yesterday afternoon, a mother of a middle schooler was killed in a hit-and-run accident off the 1800 block of 98th Avenue in East Oakland, across the street from Elmhurst United Middle School. According to KTVU, initial reports said the victim was actually a juvenile, but first responders arriving at the scene quickly noted that the injured party was, in fact, a middle-aged woman.

The victim — who was later identified by the Alameda County Coroner's Office as one Miesha Ellese Singleton — was pronounced dead on the scene by police.

"Horror, absolute horror," one eye witness of the incident describes to the news outlet. "I had my daughter in the car. I immediately covered her eyes."

The hit-and-run occurred shortly after the middle school's classes got out at 3:15 p.m., Singleton crossing the street to get her child before being hit by what was described as a white four-door Nissan Maxima going about 45 mph.

"I saw what I thought were car parts flying in the air," the eye witness adds. "I saw shoes and across the street, I saw this woman hit."

Residents of 98th Avenue know the area where Singleton was struck as particularly dangerous, with many drivers ignoring the posted school zone's 25 mph, some overtaking slower cars at quick speeds — which is exactly what onlookers reported the hit-and-run driver did before striking the 40-year-old mom.

KPIX notes that anyone with information is urged to call the Oakland Police Department at (510) 777-3333; you may choose to remain anonymous or not.

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