Talking to a packed room at City Hall yesterday, the current Speaker of the House addressed why it's crucial San Franciscans participate in the upcoming census count, helping set in motion the SF Counts 2020 Census campaign alongside Mayor Breed and other notable officials.

The once-in-a-decade population survey is a milestone event; a political happening that affects everything from federal grant receivables to transportation projects, and oh-so-much more. Suffice to say that it's importance can't be harped on enough.

Which, alas, is why California's 12th congressional district representative and Impeachment tea-brewer Nancy Pelosi decided to grace City Hall Friday to pontificate its significance.

"This is about meeting the needs of the American people," Pelosi said to a crowd that included newly elected Board Supervisor Dean Preston, according to KTVU and other media outlets like NBC Bay Area. "[The current presidential administration] wants to scare people into not being counted," Pelosi adds. "Don't give them a victory, give yourself a victory and be counted."

And being that this was Pelosi's first appearance in SF since signing the articles of impeachment, her recent gavel strike was sure to come up.

"Some people say, oh we should've done it sooner, some people say why didn't you hold it later, we think we timed it exactly just right," she said. "I would hope that the oath that the Senators took yesterday to participate in a fair trial would insist that there be eyewitnesses and documentation which is very important."

Nevertheless, Pelosi made her way around back to her appearance’s fundamental intention.

"If you are here you should be counted, and don't think if you may not be documented that you are any less important in this country," Pelosi said in closing.

More information on how one can participate in this upcoming census —including how you can complete the survey online, without ever having to leave the confines of your crumb-covered bed — is available at

The 2020 census count will take place in March.

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