A local TV station up in Seattle was so optimistic about the Seahawks potentially getting to host the NFC Championship Game next week that the anchors erroneously reported Saturday that the Minnesota Vikings had beaten the 49ers.

In an alternate universe where the Vikings won and the Seahawks went on to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday — neither of which occurred in this universe — Seattle would have been the host city for the NFC Championship next Sunday.

Imagine the amusement of everyone who actually pays attention to sports and watched Saturday's 49ers-Vikings game when these two weekend anchors on Seattle's KCPQ, Q13 Fox News, got the score reversed and reported that the 49ers lost to the Vikings 27-10.

We probably shouldn't blame anchor Hana Kim, who was simply being fed this information from a producer and/or newsroom script writer who also wasn't paying close attention to the footballs.

As SFGate notes, the clip is especially amusing because the highlight reel playing as they're reporting the news shows two of the 49ers' touchdowns, which would not be possible if they only scored 10 points.

The Seahawks, while they put up a valiant effort on Sunday, were in fact beaten handily by the Green Bay Packers, much like the Vikings were beaten by the 49ers, and it is in fact the Bay Area that will be hosting the NFC Championship next Sunday.