It was a lopsided game with a clear underdog coming into the fight, and the Vikings proved to be no serious match for this year's Niners. On Sunday we'll find out whether the last fight for a Super Bowl slot will be against the Green Bay Packers or the Seattle Seahawks.

"A scheduled 12-round bout that basically ended in seven," says CBS SF.

"A dominating defense, solid running game and efficient passing led to the first lopsided outcome of the playoffs," says the Chronicle.

The Vikings only appeared competitive in the first quarter of Saturday's game, scoring a single touchdown to answer the 49ers' first. By the second half, the game fully belonged to the Niners, thanks to a "suffocating" defense, as Bay City News puts it.

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Best corner in the game.

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The Mercury News and Bay City News have detailed play-by-plays, if you missed the game. But what's important now is the next big game, the first NFC Championship try for the 49ers since the 2013 season when they lost to the Seattle Seahawks.

The Niners have already lost once to the Seahawks this season, and a lot of fans are hoping their Seattle rivals get taken out in Sunday's playoff game against the division-leading Green Bay Packers. Otherwise, a week from Sunday, Niners Nation will be facing a repeat NFC Championship meeting with the Seahawks — though with a far stronger team than they were playing with six years ago.

In related news, some celebrity 49ers fans were in Santa Clara today for this first-ever playoff game at Levi's Stadium. Actor Matt Bomer brought his son, and posted about it on Instagram. Actor Dave Franco was at the game with friend Christopher Mintz-Plasse. And rapper E40 was there with former 49er Ricky Watters.