Olivier Adella, the "bodyguard" accused of disposing of the body in the 2016 murder of Keith Green will face no further charges and will be released from jail in four weeks. This potentially sets the stage for the retrial of Kaveh Bayat for the murder.

Bayat, the ex-boyfriend of Chinese-born Hillsborough heiress Tiffany Li, remains in jail for the murder of Green after a jury deadlocked on his guilt or innocence last month. Li, meanwhile, is free after a jury found her innocent in the murder. The defense had largely tried to pin the blame for killing on Adella, whom prosecutors say was paid by Li and Bayat to dispose of Green's body after Bayat shot him.

Adella had originally been granted immunity and set to serve as a star witness against the pair, but defense attorneys found that he had improperly communicated with a prosecution witness prior to trial — his ex-girlfriend, whom he reached out to on social media. Following that, Adella was struck from the prosecution's witness list and had his immunity revoked.

But now, as KRON 4 reports, Adella is getting released on time served for the charge he pleaded no contest to, accessory to murder. That charge comes with a sentence of three years, and Adella has already been in jail that long.

Green's body was found in a remote area of Healdsburg in 2016 about a month after Green went missing. Adella's car was seen on surveillance video crossing the Golden Gate Bridge that night. He later sold the car to a new owner who said it reeked of bleach, and Green's blood was found in the trunk.

The family of Keith Green has been pleading with the San Mateo County DA's office to pursue a new trial for Bayat — otherwise it is likely that no justice will be served in the case. While prosecutors contended that Li had the primary motive in wanting to remove Green from her life, Bayat was also accused of being jealous of Green's previous relationship to Li and wanting him gone as well.

The DA has yet to decide if a new trial will happen.