On Thursday the San Francisco 49ers tied the New England Patriots for 8 total wins this season, bringing their record to 8-0. But with the Patriots' loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, that leaves the 49ers as the only team in the league to be undefeated so far.

The Patriots went down against the Ravens with a final score of 37-20 on Sunday. The Niners, meanwhile, beat the Arizona Cardinals 28-25 on Halloween night, continuing a remarkable winning streak the likes of which Bay Area fans haven't enjoyed in decades.

The team's defense is showing signs of weakness, however. As cornerback Richard Sherman said to CBS Sports of Thursday's game, "We need to be humbled. That was a humbling game... That's not championship football." Sherman was referring to the fact that Arizona was down 21-7 at halftime, and was able to come roaring back in the second half to bring the game down to three points.

The Chronicle's Ann Killion is now declaring that the 49ers are "Super Bowl contenders," and she writes, "It’s all clicking into place and with each week, the team’s confidence grows and chemistry solidifies."

Next up the 49ers will face the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, November 11 at Levi's Stadium. As KRON 4 notes, it's a "big matchup" with one of the team's longtime rivals, and "the Red and Gold have to stay focused and take it game by game."

Photo: Casey McNeil/Wikimedia