It's probably most of y'alls second go-round of Halloween festivities tonight — that is if you're bothering at all after last weekend and don't have little kids to entertain. So, as your mind begins to drift away from work to whatever prosthetics you need to stick on your face in a few hours, here's some pleasant distraction.

The first, courtesy of Laughing Squid, is a video of a kitten entranced by a horror film — there's a "Mrs. Bates" you hear around the 0:47 mark, so it's Psycho. The cat is utterly transfixed, with widened eyes following whatever is happening on screen, and s/he looks genuinely afraid but can't look away.

And next we have another cat, who really does not know what to do with himself when his human puts on some cat ears. He also looks genuinely terrified, and goes creeping away, freaked out by the transformation. The girl then takes the ears off, and the cat's like "Oh, it's cool."

[h/t: Laughing Squid]