Remember last Halloween when the crown of Salesforce Tower transformed into a fiery "Eye of Sauron" from Lord of the Rings, much to every Tolkien nerd's delight? Well, something special in store again for tonight, but the Saleforce team won't say what.

Curbed confirmed that a special LED display is going to turn on atop SF's tallest tower come sundown, but it's been a bit in flux. They learn that Jim Campbell, the artist who has created all the video montage that have played on the building's crown since it opened, had plans for another fire-inspired display, but he's "had to rework this year’s Halloween night imagery" in order not to seem insensitive to the victims of the ongoing Kincade Fire up north, not to mention the fires in Southern California.

So what will it be? Crawling spiders would be genuinely horrifying. We shall see!

Update: It was just another big eye, which spun around the tower, with no fire around it.

Below Bhautik Joshi's dramatically scored video of last year's display.