An arson case at an under-construction apartment complex on the Oakland-Emeryville border — one of 10 that was set in similar circumstances around Oakland in the last seven years — has ended in a five-year sentence.

45-year-old Dustin Bellinger, who also goes by the name Faheem Bey — and, yes, has links to the Your Black Muslim Bakery clan — was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty earlier this year. Bellinger was connected by physical evidence to a largely inconsequential arson at 3250 Hollis Street in Oakland, using DNA evidence left at the scene which included a cigarette butt.

The same night of that fire, October 23, 2018, a much larger one broke out ten blocks away at the Ice House apartments, though Bellinger was not directly linked to that fire. Bellinger originally pleaded not guilty in February, but then changed his plea to accept a single count of arson this summer.

As the Associated Press reports, U.S. District Judge Haywood Stirling Gilliam Jr. sentenced Bellinger to an additional three years of supervised parole, and he must pay $97,000 in restitution to the building owners of the Hollis Oak apartments.

The most massive of the suspected Oakland arsons occurred on October 7, 2017, when a large construction complex near Lake Merritt went up in spectacular fashion. Federal investigators have yet to charge any suspects in that fire.

Another arson broke out in Oakland, at a construction site, in late July 2019, while Bellinger was in custody.

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