The past couple of days have been filled with more chilling and disturbing revelations from the prosecution in the trial of Hillsborough heiress Tiffany Li and boyfriend Kaveh Bayat. In addition to cellphone messages that appear to show Li and Bayat luring Li's ex into a trap, the jurors have now also seen crime scene photographs of the victim.

The defense is arguing that Li and Bayat are innocent, and that the only person to blame for the 2016 murder of 27-year-old Keith Green is 40-year-old MMA fighter and Bayat's sometime bodyguard, Olivier Adella. But prosecutors say that Li offered Adella $35,000 to dispose of Green's body the night of April 28, 2016, after Bayat had already fatally shot him in the garage of her Hillsborough home.

On Tuesday, jurors heard a summary of evidence from the prosecution that included cellphone pings from Green's phone that place him at Li's home that night, then at Adella's Millbrae apartment, and then by the side of the remote road near Healdsburg several hours later. That is where Green's body was found on May 11, 2016, heavily decomposed. As KRON 4 reports, prosecutors also presented texts between Li and Bayat in which she was balking at a request for money from Green — with whom she had two children — saying "F**k that. WTF." Bayat referred to Green as a "little snake," and Li replied, "OK... green light."

On Wednesday, as ABC 7 reports, prosecutors projected gruesome photographs of Green's remains, which showed "his left and right arms stretched out and his legs spread apart," and some signs "that his body had been partially eaten by animals." Li reportedly looked away when the photos were shown, but Bayat stared directly at them.

The trial got off to an already dramatic start last week when Adella, the prosecution's star witness, lost his plea deal and was disqualified from testifying the trial. Defense attorneys had called out Adella for apparently trying to tamper with a witness — reaching out to an ex-girlfriend on social media who was expected to testify negatively about his character.

Adella previously told ABC 7 in a 2017 jailhouse interview that Bayat and Green had been friends and that Bayat "brainwashed" Li, turned her against Green, and moved in to replace him in the months before the murder took place. Adella further alleged that Li and Bayat drove to his apartment the night of the murder and told him to "take out the trash," meaning dispose of Green's body. He said that Li watched as he and Bayat stripped Green's body naked, which he says was meant as further humiliation by Bayat.

Prosecutors have said they have physical evidence connecting the crime to Li's Hillsborough home, including gunshot residue on a golf bag, and Green's DNA both in the garage and on the window sill of Li's Mercedes.

Defense attorneys for Li and Bayat say that Adella killed Green following a botched kidnapping attempt. In an opening statement Monday, defense attorney May Mar presented text-message evidence that suggested Adella was conspiring with other friends to harm Green. They also suggest it's damning that Adella was found in possession of an expensive watch that belonged to Green.

Li's lead defense attorney, Geoff Carr, made a motion for a mistrial Wednesday claiming that the prosecution was dumping too much discovery on his team "on the fly," leaving them no time to analyze it and prepare for court. The judge in the case told prosecutors to work by the court's rules, but rejected the mistrial motion.

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Photo of Li courtesy of San Mateo police. Photo of Keith Green courtesy of the family