If you have a cool, near three million in your proverbial back pocket begging to be spent, look no further than this thriftless 80s/90s-retro home in the Castro that just came on the market. Featuring an indoor pool, glass stairwell, an uncountable amount of windows, and (much) more, it’s an architectural wet dream.

Erected in 1984, this sweeping 2,124 square-foot three-bedroom, two-bath domicile at 15 Seward Street is a bold homage to sleek, Miami-style capitalism, as Curbed shows us.

A complete roof deck that offers expansive views of SF? Check. A multi-story glass stairwell that looks down into an indoor pool...and jacuzzi? You bet.

Exposed concrete beams, an in-home theater, a freshly renovated kitchen, two newly installed glass walls, and a blue-tiled bathroom in the master—which doubles as a sauna, bench included—round out the jaw-dropping amenities of this $2,795,000 abode.

So, if you’re just itching to purchase a Bugatti-priced slice of San Francisco real estate, get in touch with Rick Rochon of Zephyr Real Estate.

Scroll through the pictures below, in lieu of anchoring yourself down with a $13,000-plus monthly mortgage payment:

Photos: Courtesy of SFARMLS