Six fires have had to be put out in the last three weeks in Buena Vista Park, and the SFPD made an arrest of a suspect over the weekend that will hopefully put the alleged arson string to rest.

The 45-year-old suspect was caught trying unsuccessfully to light a small fire in the park, as Bay City News reports. The SFPD said it was interviewing the suspect, who has not been identified, and trying to determine if there was any connection between this attempted arson on Saturday, and an earlier, significant brush fire on Thursday morning that ignited several trees. A total of six fires in the park have been counted by the San Francisco Fire Department since August 13.

Buena Vista Park sits between the Lower Haight and Upper Haight, and gives its name to its own small neighborhood, Buena Vista Terrace.

One park neighbor tells NBC Bay Area, perhaps referring to Thursday's fire that left a visibly charred piece of land, "This is not a small fire. It’s crazy. There’s tons of people in the park, and animals and all the homes nearby. Scary."

Another neighbor, Elinor Mills, tells Bay City News that she's seen evidence of small campfires while walking her dog in the park over the last decade, but never anything as significant as these fires.

Residents are encouraged to call the SFPD at 415-553-0123 if they have information connected to these fires, or to call 911 if they witness an arson in progress.

Photo: SF Rec & Parks