Our May rainy spell is just about over, though not quite, as today's sun and mild temperatures will give way to another bout of wetness tonight and into early Tuesday.

Weather Underground has the rain moving into San Francisco around 9 p.m. Monday and gathering momentum through midnight and the early hours of Tuesday. It should then taper off before noon tomorrow, and we'll see an afternoon high Tuesday of 56.

The rest of the week looks equally cool, with the sun moving in and out of the clouds, and highs around 65 on Wednesday and Thursday.

As the Mercury News reports, our weekend weather system was a bit more unstable and severe just outside the Bay Area, with funnel clouds reported out near Tracy (no reported touchdowns), and hail and thunderstorms down around Monterey.

Oakland and San Francisco International Airport both saw around quarter inch of rain Saturday, while downtown SF got just over a tenth of an inch, bringing it to 111 percent of normal for the year.

And it's looking like a nice warm weekend for BottleRock up in Napa, with temperatures in the 70s up there come Friday and Saturday. Single-day tickets for the music and food fest are still on sale.