The 108th annual running of the drunks known as Bay to Breakers did get rained on for the first time in 14 years, but the best Bay to Breakers costumes were still showered with whimsy.

A Kenyan or Tanzanian professional athlete, or any serious runner, would have easily finished Sunday’s Bay to Breakers race several hours before the serious downpour that hit the course at around noon. Most people who attend Bay to Breakers are not professional athletes or serious runners, they are Sunday morning day drinkers whose very witty and outstanding costumes are detailed in the photoset below.

There were several specimens of disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes costumes, in both single-person and group iterations of the Marina-hopping, fake-voiced biotech fraudster.

This gaggle of Elizabeth Holmeses had their blood available in “shooter”-style syringes, which they could dash a shot of right into your mouth.

But Game of Thrones was the most common group costume, obviously, with the show’s Grand Finale being broadcast later that night. “Shame lady” Septa Unella (far left) even has a little bell she was ringing, but SFist was far too drunk by that point to get it into the picture.

Many runners did prepare for the predicted heavy rains, only to discover that Sunday morning would be shockingly sunny. While it did rain very early Sunday morning, the skies dried up by the 8 a.m. start time.

That downpour cam just after noon, when most straggly-ass walkers were just getting to the west end of Golden Gate Park or the Great Highway. Race officials told KTVU it was the first significant rainfall on Bay to Breakers in 14 years.

The rain, or mostly the threat of it, may have lightened the crowd size, but the Chronicle still estimates that 40,000 people showed up to “run” the race.

And yes, there were the occasional granddad-aged nudists for whom the race is known. In an unusual move, there were also quite a few District 5 Supervisor Vallie Brown supporters stanning for her reelection in Bay to Breakers-themed costumes.

The red carpet was rolled out deep in Golden Gate Park, with a Giuliana Rancic-Melissa Rivers sort of character handling hosting duties, but that shoeless, disinterested baby was the biggest red carpet hit.

On-again, off-again late-day rains definitely limited the notorious afterparties that rage in Golden Gate Park and the Panhandle. In fact, the only big afterparty to manifest was this Panhandle rave that concentrated a crowd of roughly 300 costumed ravers into one manageable place, surely a relief to race organizers and Department of Public Works personnel tasked with cleaning up and clearing everything out after all this drunken costumed nonsense.  

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