A literal shack on Potrero Hill has joined the annals of ridiculous real estate listings that make for great sensational news headlines. The property is an obvious tear-down β€” a crumbling shack that was abandoned a decade ago β€” but the property is entitled for a four-story, two-unit building, and it already has a demolition permit.

As you can see on the listing, there's no evidence of the shack itself, or what the property looks like. There are only architect's renderings of a potential house on the site, and photographs of the actual view taken from the roof of the existing shack.

ABC 7's Dion Lim went to the address at 863 Carolina to get a view of the shack itself, though, and to give the news station an evening segment to file under "Real Estate in San Francisco is Insane!" There's also a drone view.

These stories are largely for the benefit of newcomers and out-of-towners on the interwebs, of course, because many of you will recall similar stories dating back several years.

There was this shack on the Great Highway that sold for $1.2 million a full four years ago, in March 2015 β€” $400,000 over its $799,000 asking price.

A Dolores Heights tear-down at 3669 21st Street hit the market with NO interior photos for $7 million in June 2017. Β That "distressed" property sold for $6.5 million.

There was this burned-out tear-down in Bernal Heights that went up for $800K in October 2017. (A steal!)

And a month earlier, in September 2017, we had this Ingleside Heights tear-down which went up for $1.4 million. It sold for asking three months later.

Until such time as aliens land and declare the Bay Area their headquarters, or until San Francisco falls into the ocean, there will be more stories like this about squares of land that sell for millions. Because this is our reality. Nothing to see here.

Top photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash