The grand Presidio Heights home at 3800 Washington Street that is currently serving as this year's venue for the Decorator's Showcase has some colorful recent history prior to its latest renovation. The replica of Marie Antoinette's Le Petit Trianon at Versailles built in 1904 was just listed for $30 million, and it got some free staging via the 43 designers who each took on one of the mansion's rooms.

Back in 2015, SFist wrote about the house as it was last going on the market, as part of a bankruptcy sale from the assets of embattled CNet founder and early Salesforce investor Halsey Minor. A squatter in the house, 39-year-old Jeremiah Kaylor, not only took up residence but also sold off some of Minor's art collection in the house for $300,000 — far less than what they were worth — via Facebook and pawn shops. Kaylor subsequently gave a jailhouse interview saying that when he found the house, he thought to himself, "This is it. This is my headquarters. This is my thug mansion." He also may  have had some delusions of grandeur, believing that he and Taylor Swift were meant to be together. He also admitted to looting a Viking range, a stereo, and some chandeliers from the mansion to fund a trip to Burning Man, which he went to during the year or so that he was squatting there.

Business Insider picks up the story of the house, its connection to Minor, and notes that its current owner, venture capitalist Ron Jankov, bought the house in a trustee sale for $12 million. (Wikipedia has it that the 2016 sale price was $15.75 million, which went to help Minor dig his way back from bankruptcy.) Jankov is reportedly selling because he "gets lost inside" the place — though the list price would suggest he's also expecting a tidy return on the investment, too.

In a previous incarnation, Le Petit Trianon last served as a Decorator Showcase house in 1982.

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