You already know all about Jeremiah Kaylor, the alleged Washington Street Mansion Squatter who police say set up camp in a notoriously vacant Presidio Heights mansion, then (again, allegedly) proceeded to sell off over $300,000 worth of artwork from inside the property.

Though I keep saying "allegedly," that's kind of a charade: In a three-hour interview with the Chron, Kaylor basically admitted to everything he was accused of, and way more. The interview is a great read! You should definitely check out the whole thing, but here are some highlights:

  • Thug mansion!: When Kaylor saw the house, he says, he knew it should be his. “To me, I owned the house...When I first saw it, I thought to myself, ‘This is it. This is my headquarters. This is my thug mansion.’”
  • Kaylor hearts Taylor: The Chron writes that Kaylor might have been attracted to the home due to "a rumor that pop star Taylor Swift was considering buying the mansion and fixing it up. Kaylor is obsessed with Swift, in part because her first name and his last name are similar, according to a friend." Later in the interview, Kaylor told the Chron that "he and Swift were destined to end up together."
  • Kaylor's been haunting the home since last year: Back in summer, 2014, "he spent his days wandering the Tenderloin and picking up odd jobs from Craigslist using a computer at the downtown Apple Store. But at night he would make the trek up Washington Street to the back porch of the house, where he said he slept for more than a month before he was run off by the real estate agent."
  • Kaylor says he stole a lot more than art: "Kaylor said he sold the premium stereo system, as well as a Viking stove and some chandeliers," using the money for travel. He also "began selling artwork to pawn shops in San Francisco and Los Angeles, books to nearby Green Apple Books and other household items, which he brought to the Tenderloin and laid out on a blanket."
  • He's a Burner: Kaylor says he's spent every night for the last two months at the mansion, "with the exception of three trips, including one to Burning Man."
  • Kaylor for president?: During the interview, Kaylor "spoke of fantastical plans, including a 2016 presidential bid."

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