LEGO's sort-of-for-adults Architecture series has released an updated San Francisco skyline building kit, and not only does the TransAmerica Pyramid not look quite like itself, but Salesforce Tower is looking even more dildo-ish than in real life.

Also, the Golden Gate Bridge is the wrong color and 555 California (the former Bank of America Center) just looks hideous. But I digress.

Many commented on the phallic form of Pelli Clarke Pelli's design for the tower formerly known as Transbay back when it was first submitted and selected in 2007. But the finished, shimmering beacon has proven to be a bit more charming and dynamic as the light shifts throughout the day, and after that projection thing comes on in the crown each evening.

But LEGO's interpretation is decidedly more crude, and really, what does this thing look like to you?

Photo via LEGO/Amazon

I realize there are limitations inherent in LEGO's building pieces, which don't tend to handle odd and rounded shapes very elegantly.

But honestly this looks like a different skyscraper. Apart from the phallic part.

The 565-piece set is going for $40 on Amazon.

h/t: BoingBoing