The newest in SF's array of ticketed Instagram traps is the Museum of 3D Illusions, which is not a museum so much as a series of painted backdrops, but you should be used to these things by now.

The illusions are all hand-painted set pieces in which museum-goers can have photos taken of themselves, say, flying on a magic carpet over the Golden Gate, or riding on a runaway cable car with half of its floor missing.

The first US outpost of this chain of 'gram experiences was in Hollywood, as NBC Bay Area notes, but there are allegedly 108 of these (!) worldwide, with the first appearing in Russia. (Don't worry about surveillance!)

No named founder or spokesperson is quoted in this company blog post about the SF grand opening last month, a fact which may point to some foreign owners, but an unnamed spokesperson says, "After our success in Los Angeles, we wanted to expand to the Bay Area so that more people could have the opportunity to experience the enjoyment that comes from interacting with 3D optical illusion paintings." Also, getting a bit more thoughtful, they write, "People are bombarded daily with many negative, disheartening images in the news and online. Our paintings create the opposite effect... We plan to add new things to our exhibits over time and envision our museum as becoming a hot spot in the area."

There are some 40 3D backdrops in which to photograph oneself, and a "VIP Package" gets you a "gift" and custom photos by a professional photographer — i.e. this is all out of the Tourist Trap 101 handbook.

But regular admission is $25, which is a whole $13 cheaper than the American owned-and-operated Museum of Ice Cream.

Since visitors are encouraged to walk and crawl all over the artwork, there's going to be some wear and tear at the Museum of 3D Illusions, but NBC Bay Area notes that painters come regularly to touch up the illusions, and cleaning staff are everywhere.